Thursday, August 20, 2009

Moved To Bloggywood

I did it! I moved to BLOGGYWOOD where I got a blog lift and changed my blog name. Now I'm sure to be a star. After blogging for two years and experimenting with this and that it was time for a change. I was inspired by I Am Harriet. She has a great looking template and it was on blogger. I'm trying to be more consistent. I changed my name on Twitter and lots of other places. What is the new name you ask? It's just my own, Pamela M. Kramer. I was hoping the middle initial would help me stand out among all the other Pamela Kramers on Google. I named my blog A Renaissance Woman because that is what my husband calls me and well I think it's an all encompassing name that fits my personality. So get over here and add yourself to my Google gadget, subscribe via email or the new feed! It's lonely. All the posts and links have been moved so don't worry your still connected.

What about the blog rolls? They are coming with me! If you have been waiting to get added don't worry a new code will be coming your way. This is my last post here but this blog will remain live until all my buddies make the move with me. I'm so excited to have made the jump. Yes, I did it all by myself. I'm too curious and know too much of this and that not to do it myself. I was so scared but it has gone well and there may be a few tweaks here and there but it's ready to go.

What about the current contest? No worries! Leave your entry here because I will be back to pick the winner and make the announcement. Thank you for all of your support. (Contest now closed)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 - Back To School Giveaway

Remember one my favorite graphic designers Matthew Johnson from My daughter tested out his lift off design in this product review here. He's offering up some back to school goodies to three lucky winners. Here is Matthew modeling his latest design "Guitar Quadruple Threat" in New York city. How cool is that? Are you looking for shirts with fury? Great! Here is what is up for grabs for the lucky three.
And The Winners Are...

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The McCrays said... 43

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3rd Place:
Marilyn Bott said... 51
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I know, I know - now that you have seen all the cool t-shirts you want to know how to enter. Matthew and I have made this easy peasy for you. You must comment for each entry that you submit, that's really important. Contest is open to U.S. shipping only. Now show some love and enter to win!

1.) Follow on Twitter
2.) Become a Fan on Facebook
3.) Sign up for the newsletter

That's it! Leave a comment for each entry (make sure we can get a hold of you by leaving your email address) and tell me if you followed, became a fan and/or signed up for the newsletter. I will randomly choose the three winners and announce them here on this post August 19, 2009 by 10:00am cst. Good Luck!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Term Life Insurance

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Freebie Friday - Week 20

Are you hosting a #contest? Great! Post it here on Freebie Friday. What better time to search and enter contests than on the weekend? Sign in so that others can find your giveaway. I will be hosting Freebie Friday each week from now on so be sure to drop back by. Now go grab your tasty beverage, sit back and relax and contest hop with me!

Aloha Friday #56

Kailani at An Island Life has created this really fun idea. If you are interested in joining in, please visit her site for more details.

Today's question is:
I just finished a post about an exercise class called Zumba. I love it and if I could teach any fitness class it would be Zumba. What about you? If you could teach any fitness class (step, spin, Zumba, water aerobics, yoga, etc.,) what would it be?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tip The Scale Tuesday - Week 16

I did not weigh in this morning and just completely forgot. My grandmother was missing and it caused so much chaos that I got side tracked! Let me explain, my mother's a/c went out at her house so she and my grandmother are crashing here. They stayed in the full size bed in my boys room. This morning when the boys got up grandma was not there! I'm trying to figure out where she is because my mom went to work this morning. My son found her in our family room passed out on the recliner. Apparently our toddler kept them both awake coughing. There was some talk about asking my husband if there was medicine and there was some talk about him asking me and me saying, "No!"
I don't recall any of this at all. There was also talk of me snoring or something but that just isn't possible because Queens do not snore! rofl....
Any way that is why I got side tracked and then I spent the entire morning trying to get my boys ready for soccer practice. It is all a blur from there. I did sort of keep up with the food journal. My eating habits this week were just random. I've got serious drama all around me and I have a hard time finding an outlet at times which equals grabbing that bag of chips or that can of soda or that piece of (we have guests coming) strawberry cheesecake. I did great working out but this upcoming week I haven't made it to the gym at all! There is so much going on with getting ready for back to school and a zillion doctor appointments. I have much higher hopes for next week than this week. I'm going to weigh in tomorrow morning and see how much damage has been done. *sigh*

Lost two pounds! How? I have NO idea.