Thursday, August 20, 2009

Moved To Bloggywood

I did it! I moved to BLOGGYWOOD where I got a blog lift and changed my blog name. Now I'm sure to be a star. After blogging for two years and experimenting with this and that it was time for a change. I was inspired by I Am Harriet. She has a great looking template and it was on blogger. I'm trying to be more consistent. I changed my name on Twitter and lots of other places. What is the new name you ask? It's just my own, Pamela M. Kramer. I was hoping the middle initial would help me stand out among all the other Pamela Kramers on Google. I named my blog A Renaissance Woman because that is what my husband calls me and well I think it's an all encompassing name that fits my personality. So get over here and add yourself to my Google gadget, subscribe via email or the new feed! It's lonely. All the posts and links have been moved so don't worry your still connected.

What about the blog rolls? They are coming with me! If you have been waiting to get added don't worry a new code will be coming your way. This is my last post here but this blog will remain live until all my buddies make the move with me. I'm so excited to have made the jump. Yes, I did it all by myself. I'm too curious and know too much of this and that not to do it myself. I was so scared but it has gone well and there may be a few tweaks here and there but it's ready to go.

What about the current contest? No worries! Leave your entry here because I will be back to pick the winner and make the announcement. Thank you for all of your support. (Contest now closed)